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The best software, services, apps, and tools to make you a better musician or music maker.


Tools, Data, & Tech for Musicians

MusicianStack is a curated directory of the best tools for musicians, songwriters, and music makers. We’ve taken together a list of the most useful tools on the web to make a directory aimed at Musicians, music lovers, music makers, DJs, and home audiophiles.

MusicianStack helps you access the best music making tools and services, all in one place. Musicians are more productive when they have the right tools. We’ve put some of the best services in one place for your convenience.

Reddit Music Tech Communities

A selected list of subreddits related to music software, music production, and music creation tools. Each subreddit has a brief description and information about the number of members and growth rate. The page also includes a search function for finding keywords within the communities and different conversation themes, including hot discussions, popular discussions this week, top content, and solution requests.

People interested in music software and related tools may find this page useful as it provides a list of active communities where they can discuss, collaborate, ask questions, and share tips and tricks related to music production, music theory, and software tools for creating music. The page also offers insights into the most active and engaged communities and the best-performing content over the past month.

  • Basic info:
    • CREATED: indicates the date on which this subreddit was created. This information can be useful for understanding how long a particular community has been active and how established it is.
    • IN COMPARISON compares this subreddit to other subreddits on the same page. A subreddit might be “Massive” and “Moderated” in comparison to other subreddits. For these terms, it suggests thata subreddit has a large number of members and is actively moderated by the community’s moderators
    • DESCRIPTION provides a brief overview of what the subreddit is about.
  • In a Nutshell: information on the types of flair used by users in the subreddit and popular phrases used in posts. Flair is a way for users to categorize their posts, and the most commonly used flairs in this subreddit are discussion and m
  • Popular Posts: shows the best performing posts in a particular subReddit.
  • More: full details on each of the selected music tech-related Reddit communities

Musicians and music producers, read reviews and comparisons on your favorite recording and production software, electronic instruments and music services. From audio recording and editing to digital distribution and collaboration, we help you do what you do with ease so you can focus on what you love.

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